We would love to build your charity's website.

Chive exists to empower charities online. We started by profiling charities on our platform, and so far, have supported over 190 to do so. Which is fab!

We've been playing with the idea of building websites for charities. For context, Chive was built on no-code tools, and they've been incredible for us. Simple to use, easy to manage, and cost effective; we so far haven't needed a developer.

We've learned a lot - from building custom integrations with APIs, managing donation data, building an easy-to-use CRM, all the way to creating the beautiful site that is Chive.

So, we want to share our knowledge of these tools with our community. We firmly believe our team of experts can support your cause to grow your impact online. But, we want to gauge your interest first.

We'll build or rebuild your website for free.

Of all the charities that register their interest, we will rebuild one charities website for free. We want to show you what we're capable of, No catch. Simply register your interest below.