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If you are looking to boost your online coverage or increase your donations, we want to help you connect to givers across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Chive is free for any registered charity in Aotearoa New Zealand to join. Have a scroll for more details!

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Trusted by over 190 charities in Aotearoa.

Increase Your Visibility and Donations Online

Our platform creates beautiful profiles for any registered charity in Aotearoa to increase visibility and donations online.

A beautiful, easy to understand page that tells your story in a succinct, clear way. Our platform makes use of beautiful images and intuitive design to help users navigate your charity.

We have 100's of new users access our platform every week. By joining on our platform your charity can benefit from our community of givers.

Reach 1000s of Givers Through Our Targeted Marketing

We use data collected from the platform to run targeted campaigns to audiences across Aotearoa, designed to utilize our data to optimize engagement.

With all the insights and infrastructure set-up, we can save your charity time and resource, as well as assurance that you are part of high-quality, effective campaigns.

Be Found First

Want people to find your charity first? We are able to support charities in appearing higher in our search categories on the platform, increasing engagement and donations to your cause.

Who Should Sign Up to Chive?

Chive is best suited for charities who are serious about increasing their visbility and are curious to tap into the digital giving space. We are looking for inspirational charities who are passionate about the cause they are working for. We support charities of all sizes to meet their goals:


Grassroots Charities 🌱

You're a small team that may have a couple of employees or be solely volunteer run, but boy do you make change in the world. You are running on a shoe-string and are determined to leverage any opportunity to kickstart the growth of your charity. Fundraising is crucial to getting the ball rolling for your cause.


Small to Medium-Sized Charities 🚀 

You have a few employees or volunteers, and have established some great fundraising methods, but may be limited to those ways of raising money. Fundraising is a big concern of yours, and you would love to diversify and grow your donation base. You have some virtual presence, but there may be barriers to you reaching new donors digitally, including time available, resources and skillset required.


Large Charities ⭐‍

You're known by most people across Aotearoa New Zealand, and have been around a long time creating incredible change. You likely have a decent office and a fundraising team. You want to ensure your cause is maintaining its strength as a well-known charity. Fundrasing is high on your agenda, and ensuring consistent coverage and campaigns to maintain donations is key. You will want to ensure your cause is aligned with like-minded projects and brands to support your organisation.

Our Plans

We have three plans that are designed to support your charity in reaching your fundraising goals. Each plan adds on features to improve your ability to be found and donated to.



If you just want your most basic details listed.

✔️ Profile with basic details

✔️ Select 1 charity type



Our most popular plan designed for charities looking to increase donations and online coverage.

✔️ Become a featured charity

✔️ Higher ranking in search

✔️ Inclusion in our targeted ads

✔️ Access to analytics dashboard‍



Harness the full power of Chive, ideal if you are wanting to understand your audience and maximise donations.

✔️ Highest ranking in search

✔️ Highest priority in targeted advertising

✔️ Featured blog post

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