Giving as a Way of Living and Generational Wealth: Untapped Podcast With Briony Mckenzie

Stephen Johnson

December 29, 2022

Earlier this year we sat down with our dear friend Briony Mckenzie to talk about all things giving. Briony is the founder of Untapped, a life-changing company that provides coaching, transformational events, and workshops, with a focus on helping people discover their unique gifts, and unlock their potential and personal power so that they can achieve their unique aspirations and create an impact in the world.

We are in a time where we are seeing the largest redistribution of wealth. A time when our money and wealth can be used for the world we want to see. This episode is for the changemakers, the ones who feel a deep sense of responsibility for humanity.

How you spend your money is who you are in the world.

Right now we are seeing the rise of a huge number of charities, Givealittles, crowdfunding, and social media campaigns to raise funds for global, societal, and individual causes....

It’s no wonder giving can feel reactive and overwhelming.

In our chat with Briony, we seek to empower and educate you on moving to a proactive place where you can support the causes you care the most about in an easy and accessible way.

Donating is an opportunity to AMPLIFY impact with low effort and is something this couple is passionately advocating for amongst their millennial peers. They’re making values-based giving strategies accessible to Kiwi’s in the digital space, providing visibility to some of the incredible work happening in our communities to reduce harm or create opportunities.

In this episode, we explore how giving charitably—whether that be financially, in time, or way of being—creates an impact so much bigger than yourself, independent of your ego.

In this enlightening episode, we cover:

  • Highs and lows of social impact
  • Perspectives on moral responsibility and wealth as a force for good
  • Impact through intentional giving vs intentional spending
  • Small and medium charity’s greatest challenges (and how you can help solve them)
  • The mismatch of money circulating vs the change we want to see in the world
  • Acknowledging privilege and how to start where you are
  • Dispelling the stigma around high operational costs in charities
  • How to circulate your wealth in an aligned way
  • Creating a sustainable giving strategy that fits your budget
  • Moving to a space of empowered giving as millennials.
  • The impact of who we surround ourselves with, and their influence

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